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on cusp at hospice
You can't spell "Determination" without "Termination" and likewise you can't spell "Lick" without a tongue (you need it to make the 'L' sound). What is the point of it all? Well I'm glad you asked, you see there really is no point just a gratuitous amount of really blunt edges...I think it is quite evident that my jokes lack the ability to remain afloat much like myself. That is all by the bye however, for I have now decided to make this entry actually pertain to something, perhaps not directly, but rather more of a circumvention of the topic at hand. Frustrating right?

How difficult indecision confusing feelings are. At the same time how pompous am I to assume that there is even a choice to be made? Perhaps the forked road is merely a linear path and a few mirrors here and there simply to make the road much more complex than it actually is. Its never really a simple matter of a For-And-Against list or a Scaled weighing of similarities. The listening to your heart rubbish isn't very helpful either. I suppose its better not to get too bogged down by such things.

There's plenty of life to live, and love to give, so on and so forth from this moment. Optimism is not easily maintained by most in this day and age, but if you think that I'm going be a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nellie anymore, you've got another think coming! I've spent too much of my teenage years yearning and pondering, sulking and griping. I'm happy to say that the adult me is happy and here to stay. That is all.


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