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Mathematical Induction
aside: the title of this entry has absolutely nothing to do with the post itself

I digress

   I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I find the best thing for your mind when you find your thoughts running rampant is a catharsis. I used this journal back in the days when I was - for want of a better word- "emo" (imagine that...actually don't). Those days in high school when I felt the need to express myself in the form of words. At the time I felt I was being artistic, perhaps even profound. The gift of retrospect often goes hand-in-hand with embarrassment. I'd like to think I've matured ( a little) and maybe I've become a little smarter, and little more sophisticated, but if I haven't at least the fro is gone (seriously what was I thinking)!

Looking back on that last paragraph (undoubtedly riddled with grammatical/mechanical errors) I realize that perhaps I haven't...maybe I'm just as full of myself as ever. I think I am. I still think I'm smarter than I actually am (oh most definitely).

Anywho, I'm in college now, and I'm still in love with diction and rhetoric (perhaps only surpassed by my love of computers...and snack packs). Language is a powerful thing indeed and I only wish I could write half as good as the things I've seen. How fascinating is it that the perfect construction of words can incite critical thought, evoke powerful emotion and sometimes illicit physical reaction. Cool, right?

I'm actually a very simple guy. I have a lot to say, but not many people to say it to, which in turn causes this incredibly annoying inner monologue (think J.D. from Scrubs though far less amusing but just as idiotic). I write this with the knowledge that somebody may possibly give it a once over, but I'm quite certain if I saw this entry it would get a definitive tl;dr (no less than I deserve I'm sure). Hopefully the person reading this won't be someone I know...If it is, I suppose that wouldn't be so bad, I mean I putting this on the internet, so I obviously I have nothing to hide right (if only that were true...)?

p.s. I also love Rosario Dawson more than diction and rhetoric...and I still like my journal title, I haven't changed!


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