Planes,Trains and Plantains!

don't quote me on that...

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Aromatic Aesthetics
We see into our soul, feel with our heart, smell and taste through our aura, and we hear...well we hear using our ears of course!

The inclusive we makes me sound a bit presumptuous however, so perhaps I should just say I and those blessed ones who choose to do so will indulge in a sweet sensory overload (although I don't approve of drug use). Such a satisfying notion to think of all the neurons firing in your brain as you exercise (well its not a muscle) it with meta-cognition and provocative thought processes. Why, it almost makes sitting down in front of a computer screen or behind a book all day seem less sedentary (okay maybe not, but it definitely has its merits). Maybe its the winter that makes getting up and out such a daunting prospect. I don't exactly mind exercising (depending on the exercise), but its something I would have to get back into the routine of. If the body is one's temple, what does that make the mind? It is a good feeling after coming back from a nice jog, sort of like completing an arduous homework assignment, or finishing the last chapter of that accursed book that was mediocre at best, but you only kept reading because...well you started it didn't you? speaking of mediocre (segue), where are all the good games at? I'm dying to sink my teeth into an RPG that's actually good, but maybe I'm being optimistic to the point of foolishness....We shall see.


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