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Blessed Ignorance
If it's not in my direct line of sight, I don't see it. What is peripheral vision but an inferior illusion our brain makes to accommodate the lack of true peripheral vision. (I actually lost interest in making a post about 20 words ago so anything written from here on in is just...bleh) It's strange though; the things that your brain does. After you thoroughly convince your conscious self of one thing here comes your subconscious mind to throw a wrench right into the middle of things. Terribly confusing.

I have a lot going on, and yet I still feel empty. What kind of fulfillment am I looking for? What do I need? I ask myself with an answer buried deeply in the recesses of my mind...its not exactly an easily accepted answer...It shows...weakness?

I choose to ignore, which of course isn't true ignorance, hence the reason I am not mentally sated into peace of mind. Once again, this is an awful mess of a post, and once again I am thankful that no one actual reads these thing but me, because they're awfully emo-ish attempt to be deep and insightful, even incitant (God he's so full of himself)?



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