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liquid humanity
It seems as though I only post an entry when I'm feeling particularly anxious. Funnily enough I actually forget completely about this journal when I'm not completely ridden with anxiety. That makes perfect sense of course, as this is merely a cathartic outlet for said anxiety, though I can't help but feel a little sorry for the journal itself. How does it feel to exist only as a proverbial vent of angsty feelings and emotions? That can't be a meaningful life now can it, but I must not continue down that path because I fear that I'm am venturing into the dreaded territory Existential Anxiety!!

Did you hear the dramatic music?


Ah, well moving on then, I began thinking about the importance of topicality, that is, the ability to address a topic and subsequently stay on that topic. Then I began to wonder (I of course am using past tense even though this thought process is continuing throughout the course of my writing this entry, the alternative being a continued progressive tense which would have to change once I'm done pondering...which I'm not sure when that will be, I'm rambling parenthetically now...) can one stay on topic if there was never a topic established in the first place. This idea of course seems a bit silly at first glance, but consider; when one is meta-cognitively analyzing their own analysis of meta-cognition are they or are they not recursively defining their own approach to evaluation? I'll let you digest the magnitude of my previous statement whilst I try to figure out exactly what the hell I just said...

Nonsensical ramblings aside, I still wonder whether or not I have actually addressed anything pertinent in this entry? It seems to me like I've simply gone from topic to topic, but that is also not true, for I have maintained my consistent topic about topics haven't I? So unintentionally (or perhaps un-unintentionally) I have not only established a topic, but stayed on topic for the entirety of this pointless drabble.

Wait, wasn't I talking about anxiety at first...DAMMIT!


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