Planes,Trains and Plantains!

don't quote me on that...

thanksgiving/black friday segue
Why it gotta be BLACK Friday for?!



I have a lot to be thankful for....I have some things to be sad about...but I feel the overwhelming influence of the holiday zeal engulfing my very being...I'm lying!! ^_^ I'm happy...? Right? Not right..Blah blah....I'll always be fine...I tell myself everything will be fine....I really like the song, Alicia Keys "No One" It's really really really nice ^_^

eh....I dunno? I guess I'm okay with life...for now... I need...a therapist...I don't ever talk about my problems...My problems are all trivial....sooo it's stupid...I dunno....Things are just unbelievable...but I think...I believe you have to keep on keeping on, because no one is gonna be strong for gotta be strong yourself....err something....I don't know anymore...I don't really know anything...I'll just pretend everything is alright until it actually is....Heh heh..right...

I had a really happy thanksgiving over my aunt's, with my siblings....but then I get home and its blah okay...normal life please? Whatever....I miss RIT...maybe I should never have left? No regrets....meh...

better days...

Ah nvm...screw it...I'm not gonna write about anything...I should be an adult...adults don't  concern themselves with silly flings and feelings...right? I dunno...I'm being stupid...

New York tomorrow...I'm excited I guess...

I'm not mistaken...I'm oh so aware!!!! Yes I am! I'm not gonna argue with myself...hmmm

I always find the hardest thing to do is start an entry, after the entry is started, its kinda easy to continue typing right? right! soooo with that said, I have once again started another entry...

ooooohhh what to discuss first. So many things, such a short attention span...what was I gonna say? Oh yes! No...wait...not that! NOOOOOO(I'll save that for later or never haha)

Moving on...I haven't talked about anything yet!!! Graduation rehearsal is tomorrow, thats gonna be....ummm...boring? But I was talking to Mr. Larkin and he was all like "Its one thing that is necessary because this is one event that parents don't want their child to look stupid while doing..." He has a point...that Mr. Larkin, so full of wisdom, so full of...ummm...smiles? Like that Gnarles Barkeley song I like, hahaha...

So the real thing(graduation) is the day after tomorrow...My sister is coming home, but I have yet to talk to Ryan...Okah...I guess when Candice comes down, she'll bring Ryan and the other Candice down too...Iunno, how many tickets do we get anyways...not a problem. I imagine it will all work out, it always does...except when it doesn't...holy crap...!

letssseee letseeeee...SCROLLAZ. One more official performance. My last performance, I think I need to do something crazy...Well I'll be here all summer, I guess its okay...Everytime I think about leaving though I get really scared and sad and man...its terrible, but I think I'm really excited about going to RIT though...I wouldn't mind going to ODU(I don't think anyone else would mind either) in fact, sometimes I wonder if I should have just gone to ODU, I definitely wouldn't regret it, but I know that in the back of my mind I would be thinking(what if I did goto RIT) I suppose this whole going away thing is a part of the college experience, but I'll be damned if it ain't the hardest part!

procrastination! What am I procrastinating...ahhh I'll tell you only live once right? You should do what you think is best...right? But at the same time, isn't whats best to follow your heart...what does that mean? Forget it..I'm going to go wash clothes now!

Memorial Day entry once again
Well it'll be the day after memorial day soon anywayz...

yep...once again, all that stuff...yeh...

I'm pretty tired...I need a shower.  I got sand and salt in my hair...I went to the beach today(duh?), but it was only me and Ian. We had fun, but it would have been better with a third person...preferably Thomas...too bad...wonder when hes coming back to VA...he never tells me anything...

yesterday I went to my aunts house. That was fun too...I ate  a lot...Man my sentences aren't very exciting today are they?

Anywho >_>

on Saturday I went to watch Mrs' Kirby's house while she was away, I still don't know what she was away for, but it was fun, Ina was there with me, she was sick though...I hope she didn't get me sick...I feel a little bleh atm, but for the most part I feel healthy...

I dunno, my weekend was pretty exciting, and with all the stuff coming up soon I should be ecstatic...I guess I am? Yet, strangely, I feel rather empty, or something? I dunno. I'm being silly...I've finally made it to the end of the year, all the hard stuff is out of the way...its time to start enjoying it, but I can't seem to get in the whole spirit of things. I think I know whats bothering me, and its not exactly one particular thing but rather a culmination of many...Senior picnic is tomorrow, I will be consumed by a sea of overzealous peers sharing joy in finally leaving that acursed building known as Granby High school, but I had good times there though...I"m gonna miss a lotta things here...a lotta people, a lotta ummm memories?

heh heh...

this just in!
...Soooo I did this quiz again....

Your Score: Androgynous

You scored 50 masculinity and 56 femininity!

Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Wow....I've become more of a man this past year!!! But sadly...I still score a little too feminine...Thats lame...Hmmm but....Do girls like manly men? I always thought a guy had to be in touch with his feminine side to bag the chicas(<-who says "bag the chicas?!"), but  maybe being a macho man is better...bleh...I'm definitely no macho man...I don't think I would ever want to be one. I suppose I should be more assertive though. I'm too passive...being pushed around is definitely not how you bag the chicas(<-gotta stop saying that -_-). Why is it so hard to bag a chica?(okay last time, I swear). I shouldn't worry about being more manly or even about being more assertive, I really can't change who I am, I'm already friggin' awesome(<-who lied to you?)

In other news...Ummm...errrr...oh! I've figured out why I reached a plateau in DDR. Apparently, I need to become more familiar with my pad... I have to "be one with the pad" of something like that >_> What that means is I need to be able to do songs backwards forwards and sideways...yeh, easier said than done...I've gone all the way back to basic mode practicing my "Axis of rotation." "It has to get harder before it gets easier." Damn, to many quotes and proverbs...very confusing, stream of consciousness! What am I talking about...whateva! Once I master doing songs backwards and stuff, I can return to heavy and fly through songs easyily...w0t w0t!

In other other news...I have two more exams to take...thats is, Spanish & BIOLOGY(dramatic music...) I take biology first...ZOMG I take biology on Monday!!! Curses...I really hope I get at least a 3....ALL I WANT IS A THREE, IB GODS!!!!! Thats all I have to say...

In other, other,other news...Prom? I'm going? Ina asked if I was okay with green...Interesting...I wonder what kind of green...I dunno, green is rather bold, but I can pull off anything!(<- stop lying to yourself, dude ^_^) Ina has good taste though, so I trust her judgment, perhaps more than my own...

In other, other, other...other news...wait....DARNIT, thats all I have to say...graduation 1 month from today...hellz yeah!!!  (I feel like there is something I'm not mentioning in here that is very important....or maybe, I just don't want to? Naope >_<)

I smell like gasoline...?
It's because I just mowed the lawn...I'm awfully tired. 

My last post was a long time ago...?

Spring Break has been fun and I feel as though I won't regret how I spent it. The majority of it was sleeping and playing Lineage II...and DDR...hmmm I'm feeling a sense of Deja Vu...Have I written this before?! I think I have...ah well. I'm in a very good mood, but I'm not excited though, maybe its because I'm tired. I think thats it. Going to a VA. Symphony thing with Ina and Megan. Ian is performing with his bass quartet. Basses can have quartets? I wish I had a quartet...with a cool name like "Turtle Island String Quartet" or "Genesis String Quartet" or "The Four Seasons String Quartet." Hmmm...The closer it gets to graduation and summer, the more excited I get, but at the same time, the more scared I get...I don't want to leave Virginia >_< I've never lived anywhere else...maybe I'm just being a scardy cat...Rochester will be fine...So far away...maybe I should have only applied to ODU...well if I absolutely hate it in Upstate NY, I suppose I could always transfer back down here. >_>

I probably will like it up there though.

What a scary thought though! To be without my friends! To be without Strollers! To be without my parents, or at least one sibling!

I got a new computer today!
Its not a laptop but oh well..because it can run Oblivion!(barely...)

I think thats pretty good...If I had a slightly better graphics card, it would be off the chain! but I cannot complain....

(no subject)
I've been playing Lineage II a whole lot lately...Its pretty fun! Umm I need to go back to Trickster soon though....oh well...I wish I had more time to play games...I don't think I'll ever have as much time as I want, because there will always be stuff I have to yeah @_@...

aye aye aye(eye eye eye) [i i i]
So I established thats NPS is retarded...severely retarded...Why are all odd days A days and B days even??  (< that sentence has faulty structure....SAT prep101!)  thats means October 31 and November first will both be A days?...Yep..and now cell phones aren't allowed AT ALL(not like I have a cell phone so why am I complaining) I really, really hate riding the bus to school...hopefully I will be driving really soon(how soon? )  I have to take earth science this year...I'm in there with freshman...its an honors class but I'll be damned if all of them don't belong in there...anywho...I guess thats it...Senior year is not going to be fun (Perhaps if I was a regular student)...

School 'round the corner
She'll be coming 'round the moutain when she that is...Noooooooooooooooo....

my current desktop

I've been in a Naruto craze for the past two weeks...I have watched  a total of 50 episodes...and I've been pacing myself!!! Basically the only thing I've been doing in august is playing trickster and watching more Naruto...oh yeah, and going to strollers....umm what do I plan on doing for the rest of August...umm

Watching more Naruto
Playing more Trickster
Going to more Strollers
....I guess doing homework....and....ummm practicing

But one thing that remains absolute is my love for Rosario Dawson (whered that come from?)


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